Extreme Concrete Pool Renovations are the unquestioned
experts when it comes to plastering concrete pools

With more than 35 years of experience, and recognised trades certificates from the UK City & Guilds, Extreme Concrete Pool Renovations are the unquestioned experts when it comes to plastering concrete pools. All the leading concrete pool builders in Perth will tell you the same thing. That’s why they all use us.

When you look at photographs of Award Winning Pools in the newspaper, and magazines, you can bet that, nine times out of ten, they will be pools that were plastered by Extreme Concrete Pool Renovations. The award-winning finish was due to our, quality workmanship.

Of course, the only trouble with that is that the pool builders happily claimed the awards for our expertise. That’s part of the reason we want you to know about us.

And we also want you to know about us because we specialise in renovations to concrete pools. Not many pool builders do this. With our experience, we’ll look for the best ways to give your pool and surrounds a brand new look – without the huge price tag of a whole new pool.

Nobody else in Western Australia has this expertise.

It’s been said of us:

  • Our workmanship is great.
  • We’re good people to deal with.
  • We’re the friendliest blokes in the trade.

With Extreme Concrete Pool Renovations, what you see is what you get. We’re experts. We know our trade, and we’ll do a better job in renovating your pool and surrounds than anyone else in the State. We have worked throughout Western Australia and Sydney where our expertise is greatly valued.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Carnen Condon

We were very impressed with how professional Extreme Concrete Pool Renovations were throughout the job. They did what they said they would when they said they would, and the pool now looks amazing and feels amazing.

Sue Harris

I must say a big thank you, we are over the moon with how well the pool has come up. The surface is looking fantastic, and I have used it more this summer than I have ever done.

Peter & Deborah Fortalski

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with a team of guys that clearly take pride in what they do, and enjoy how they go about it. The quality of workmanship, and your attention to detail throughout the pool renovation was nothing short of excellent. Your ...

Wesley McGrath

Steve is very knowledgeable with excellent service, and attention to detail. A pleasure to deal with, and competitive pricing. Thanks again, Steve.

Andrea Hill

Fabulous company – Friendly honest, hardworking, and very professional.

Steve the owner was involved at every stage of the pool renovation process, from jackhammering the old plaster off the pool to plastering, and doing the final acid wash before hand over. The dedication to this trade ...

Alanna B

Amazing, fast working, professional job totally renovated, and recreated our pool.

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